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There are some things that are okay with your girlfriends but will drive your boyfriend crazy. Why is that? Boys and girls have different hormones and brains and this tends to make them think and behave differently. Here are my top tips on things to avoid to keep things sweet with your fella.

1. Talk about ex's.
Girls love these kinds of gory details and will help you pick over it again and again. This might help you understand why certain stuff happened but can get to be an obsession that really gets you down and is a real no-no when you're with your new guy. Your boyfriend wants to be the one and only, and don't want that illusion shattered by you talking about other guys.

2. Obsess about your appearance, or weight.
He's really not interested, and probably hasn't even noticed that tiny spot on your chin or that new hair color. He likes you as you are, or you wouldn't be together would you!

3. Rave about chunky film stars and other "beautiful" people.
How would you like to be compared to someone else? He's just as body and image conscious as you and under as much media hyped pressure to have a "perfect" body and clothes. His fragile ego can't take it!

4. Keep changing your mind.
If you change your mind as often as your underwear, your men are going to find it difficult to keep up with you. He will get tired, loose interest and figure that you don't know your own mind…..your girlfriends might agree with this one too!

5. Avoid making decisions.
Girls will attempt to find a solution that keeps everyone happy, putting the needs of the group before their own. Boys just want a decision made and can get frustrated with what they think to be unnecessary time-wasting asking other people what they want or think!

6. Be bitchy and hold grudges.
It's true that boys can be fighting one minute and best buddies the next. They generally don't hold grudges and will not find it pleasant to listen to your gripes or snipes or even begin to understand why you no longer speak to such and such a person. They just don't get it.

7. Down play your successes.
Boys will be okay with you being great at something - they really understand competition and success. They will actually prefer a girlfriend they can be proud of and brag about to their mates!

If you want to really understand what makes boys tick and get some insight on the differences between boys and girls, read "Why Men Don't Listen And Women Can't Read Maps" by Barbara and Allan Pease. In my opinion it's much better that the popular "Men Are From Mars and Women Are From Venus" by John Gray.

Click on the book link to go to to purchase the book or maybe checkout your local library for a copy.



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