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Dear Linzi,
I've got a really jealous boyfriend. I've been going out with this guy for about 3 months. At first it was great but now I'm not so sure. If I'm talking to another guy or even with my girlfriends he gets mad and says mean stuff. He said he knows he's jealous and possessive but reckons that's okay because it shows he loves me. When we're alone he's okay. What should I do?

Sassy Linzi
The green-eyed monster has got him bad. Tell him you've done nothing to deserve his anger, so if he doesn't get over it quick sharp, it's over. If it doesn't get any better, stick to your guns and show him the door! Angry, jealous boyfriend behavior is not love, whatever he says!

Momma Linzi
Stupid, stupid boy! Jealousy is very unattractive and not nice when you're on the receiving end. Ditch him ASAP!

Straight Talking Linzi
Although it's flattering (sort of) that you raise strong emotions in a guy, jealousy wouldn't be one I'd want! The problem is that jealousy is a negative emotion that really doesn't help you or him. If he's trying to control what you do and who you talk to, you're never going to have an equal relationship. Healthy relationships are based on trust and respect, and he's not showing you much of that. It's probably time to end the relationship unless your jealous boyfriend can learn how to trust you, and quickly.

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