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Got boy issues? Get real-life answers from Linzi - Agony Aunt to the World! Ask her your boy issues question or click the links below to read her articles on all sorts of boy issues.

Boys can be the most frustrating, confusing and annoying things - we all have issues with them from time to time. Now you can get real life advice from a girl who's been there and done it.

Linzi is here to answer your questions about boy issues, whether they're about dating, sex, what you should and shouldn't do - whatever's bugging you. And it's totally free. Plus, you'll be able to read Linzi's answers to other girls' questions online. (Don't worry, your question will be kept totally anonymous!)

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As of July 3rd, Linzi is taking your questions. She'll give you her 3 answers to any questions you have about boys. Click here to go to the Boy Issues Questionnaire.

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